Yin & Yan – A Contemporary Visual

Photography: Evgeni Gochev

Styling & Make-up: Eda Kadirova

Location: AreaB19 Studio

Have you ever wondered what Yin and Yan would look like as human beings…but with a modern and extravagant twist? Think big, don’t be shy – more is more in this scenario.
Light – Darkness
Indeed, that is exactly whаt photographer and visual artist Evgeni Gochev has done in his latest work. He teamed up with Eda Kadirova – an artistic visionary and creator, to yet again break all boundaries in photography. Eda Kadirova came up with the ideas, Gochev shot them. Using only one model, the duo created two completely different characters, with opposite traits and highly contrasting emotions. One coming from shadows and mystery, the other as if born in Wonderland. Neon colours, lights, glitter from head to toe – even the Queen of Hearts can take notes here.
Serene – Edgy
At first almost impossible for the eye to see those are actually “two paintings on one canvas”, later this visual technique leads to the realisation that each person’s character has two main sides – an Yin and an Yan one. Consequently, the ways those two merge together in different situations, sculpt one as a social being and manage how one is perceived by others. Thus, a person can be either Gochev’s monochrome portrait, or the colourful and glitter one, or both. In other words – the contemporary visual of Yin and Yan.
Ecstatic – Balanced