STRUGARE is ‘Staring at his fears’…

…and telling a ‘Catastrophic lie’!

Cameraman of the video: Teodor Fichev

Assistant director and montage: Emil Granicharov

Art director: Momchil Tasev

Actress: Sofiya Marovska

Fearless. Extravagant. Passionate.


Those are the three words that best describe bulgarian artist STRUGARE’s newest project. Why? Let us here at Steeze break down to you the best qualities of this avant-garde urban production.

 First and foremost, Troyan (STRUGARE) directed the videos all by himself, which is definitely not an easy task, especially in his case, because not everyone can act and perform at the same time, while standing in the back of a moving truck for example! We have to admit it – what he has done is quite impressive and FEARLESS. Frankly, we have not seen anything like it on the bulgarian music market to this day.

“He chooses this situation rather than becoming a murderer”

-lyrics from Catastrophic lie

Second of all, the Catastrophic lie and Staring at my fears singles are only just the beginning, for there will be two more songs to come out, which will all be included in the fourology ‘I will kill you as you waste me’. All that, combined with Troyan’s brilliant thought of raising funds in order to release his album, make the CDs in Germany and prepare his upcoming concert, is showing not only his strong commitment towards music and entertainment, but also his genuine desire to get his fans actually involved in the process of the making of a true musical and visual masterpiece. A truly EXTRAVAGANT  plan, which will for sure keep the artist busy in the upcoming 2020!

“It’s rare for people to understand each other

It’s even rarer for them to blame one another”

– lyrics from Staring at my fears

Last, but definitely not least, we have to honour the whole meaning of the songs and how they affect their listeners. Surely, as good as the videos may be, they are merely an addition to the lyrics, which are the real star of the show here. While there is not exactly a melody attached to them, surprisingly they do not really need it and the two songs still manage to leave a mark in every listener’s conscience.

Of course, everyone can interpret STRUGARE’s words differently based on own thoughts and experience, but for us they tell a story about love, broken heart and a wander through the darkness of the soul when one does not know which way to take in life. He uses the car driving in Catastrophic lie as a metaphor to illustrate a person’s ongoing attempt to break away from unwanted people or events in his life, without knowing what will happen to him next. In Staring at my fears, the storyline continues with the focus on STRUGARE’s character and a woman (Sofiya), who are wandering through the night all by themselves.

Again, we can sense a great deal of PASSION  and we are eager to see the other two music creations STRUGARE has up his sleeve for his audience!

Backstage Photos: Nikolay Nedelchev
B&W Portraits: Mina Ighnatova

If you want to support Troyan’s album initiative, you can do so at INDIEGOGO by donating 15, 25 or 30 euro, which will guarantee you becoming the owner of an album, a concert pass, T-shirt and extra prints. It is a deal not worth missing out!

Catastrophic lie:

Staring at my fears:


Alya Patterson, SteezeMag