Exclusive story for SteezeMag

Photography: Evgeni Gochev

Styling: Dimana Miteva/ Iancho Spasov (leather black vest)

Talent: Asena Polyakova

Survivor. Savior. Spirit. That is every one of us. Humans. We wield a dual power of natures in ourselves – the human one emerges when we connect with others, but there also comes a time of danger or challenge, when we unleash our purest animal NSTYNCTS – the moment we turn into divine spirits of life.

Photographer and visual artist Evgeni Gochev replicates this exact moment of genuine wild behavior with his newest project. He believes the best place to find this kind of spiritual power is none other than the desert – a void, ready to be filled with human presence and power. A place where a truly emotionally gifted soul can reach its full potential.

There is no more beliefs, no more rules. Only this one girl in the middle of nowhere…and everywhere at the same time. A new beginning, moment of resurrection. Time to be present, embrace one’s flaws and turn them into priceless gifts of character. Nothing else matters anymore.

Alya Patterson, SteezeMag