Time for a grammar lesson!


Music: muhaill

Lyrics: NDOE

Arrangement: muhaill, NDOE

Mix/Mastering: Yasen Fengi Tsekov

Vocals: muhaill


Bulgarian music artist NDOE’s newest fresh out of the studio single ALPHABET undoubtedly proves that letters are not just sounds and can have a deeper meaning and greater influence on people even in their natural order, like we know it in our alphabet since we were kids. What is exceptional about this song is that it is structured alphabetically, with every letter from A-Z used as a beginning in each line. Kind of genius, right?

We in Steeze got the exclusive opportunity to sit down with NDOE himself and hear about the behind the scenes process of creating the song and the video first hand. Yes, we know, even we are jealous of ourselves about it!



It is interesting how the song was written. According to NDOE, he sat down and wrote every letter from the alphabet as a beginning of the sentences and then started writing backwards, from the bottom to the top. Once he finished though, he left the text pretty much as it is, without overproducing it, because otherwise the original vibe fades away and the song becomes dull.


“No chorus, strong idea. Rap at its finest. I dig it.”



We wanted to hear more about the video production mainly because in the team were mostly young people. NDOE tells us with a smile that he likes experimenting with new things and also give motivated and ambitious youths the opportunity to show their full potential. He shares with us his favorite moment from shooting the video – the bad weather conditions which made the scenery even better looking and mystical.

“Change and inspiration ARE the young generation. Leave the rest to the old souls.”

Lastly, we chatted a little bit about the new album, which NDOE hopes to be as good as his last one A Thousand Scars, but not as dark and a little bit different, with meaningful lyrics and interesting beats. While he has in stock around 18-20 track ready to go, he wants to narrow the number down more than last time.


“Only game changing tracks will make the album list. And then – showtime like never before!”

As for NDOE’s plans for the upcoming 2020, many things are on the agenda – finishing the songs, looks, merchandise and website, as well as keep appreciating love and his loved ones.


We wish him and his team best of luck not just next year, but many years ahead, because we are sure in the future there will be a lot more musical masterpieces NDOE Style!


Be sure to check out the music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZTFINgSO5M

Idea, script and creative direction: Aleksandra Kasabova

Direction: Pavel Kristov/Megi Nachkova

Montage: Pavel Kristov

Colorist: Borislav Konstantinov

Styling: Grozdan Mihaylov

Photos: Daniela Yordanova (sucks2beyoou)


Alya Patterson, SteezeMag