Georgi Petkov’s Newest Calendar

For a MENtastic 2020!

Photography: Diliana Florentin

Videographer: Niki Novakov

Styling: Huben Hubenov

Makeup: Slav Atanasov

Hair: Georgi Petkov

Models: Savio Dechiara/ Hiago Paulina/ Jacques Cohen/ Kristiyan Filipov

If you are still not ready to jump into the new year, then Bulgarian top hairdresser Georgi Petkov’s annual calendar will definitely give you the motivational pump you need! With stunning shots of the year’s hottest male models, every month of 2020 is sure to be quite hot and spicy.

We in Steeze had the chance to exclusively chat a bit with Georgi himself about what goes on behind the scenes, as well as what inspired him to start making the calendars annually.

This is the eight year in a row that Georgi and his team make their exclusive luxurious calendar with monochrome photos of strong and beautiful men. Traditionally, it is an homage both to the traditional and modern male beauty and strength, which according to Georgi should be equally respected as the females’. The models are never exposed in a vulgar or posh way and therefore the whole ensemble is very aesthetically pleasing for the woman’s eye. Georgi shared that each year the models are chosen according to the theme, so that they can represent it in the best possible way. 

“We were talking about the average female consumer and the underestimation of the male beauty…and then the idea for the calendar came. Why not?”

– Georgi Petkov

For the theme in 2020, tattoos won the contest as opposed to previous years, when the models did not have a lot of ink on their bodies and the accent was mainly on their muscles and faces. A tattooed body, however, represents invulnerability, uncompromising self-confidence and an unstoppable movement, which are all traits any man should have. To finish off the perfect male image, Georgi and his team decided to add a couple of fast cars in a plane hangar as a background so that the vibe of the set has the same strong energy as the models themselves. The photo selection includes portraits, american shots, full body, all in different shades. 

Leading roles for the 2020 calendar took models Savio and Paulino, who flew to Bulgaria to shoot with Georgi, and who are currently working for global brands like Giorgio Armani. Co-modelling with them were Bulgarian models Jacques and Kristiyan who are also developing their careers abroad.

“Concept, location, models. That’s the recipe for a good calendar!”

For Georgi, the most important part of the calendar is its cover. It is the presenter of the product which is why it has to be perfect and made from great material. This year it has a velvet finish that contributes to the luxurious feel and style of the pages. Genius!

Photography/Calendar 2017: Georgi Andinov

 Photography/Calendar 2018: Diliana Florentin

                         Photography/Calendar 2019: Diliana Florentin

Expectations for the 2021 calendar? Three words – exceptional, exclusive, different! There are still no hints on what the theme will be, but we are sure it is going to be nothing less than an extraordinary masterpiece!


“Will there be a ninth calendar? Is that even a question?”


Photography: Diliana Florentin

Photo: Georgi Andinov


Alya Patterson, SteezeMag