Fashion Fuckers

If you have an interest in current fashion and what the youth are wearing, you will probably have come across the Instagram page @FashionFuckery. The account collects photos of the coolest garments worn by the coolest people in the coolest way, so it must be pretty cool right? Well, over 100,000 people think so anyway and follow their account, engaging with every post where they are asked their opinions on which shoe is the coolest, or what they think of a certain style. The community sharing opinions and thoughts around the page grew and people were talking about the content, even driving shoe brands once forgotten, like sketchers, to be accepted as a major shoe for the youth to wear fitting in the trend of the Balenciaga Triple S dad shoes. Seeing how the community was so strong but lacked a space to talk and share ideas, the motion was made to start a Facebook Group under the same name. A couple of weeks in the group is now at over 4,000 members and constantly growing, and the posts are buzzing as people have found a place to share. A group of the Fashion Fuckery members based in London decided they wanted to meet and share time with eachother in central London, and enjoy pleasures they don’t normally indulge with their friends that aren’t interested in fashion. It was so great to see the community come together that the administration of the group decided to treat everyone who turned up with food from Five Guys where they met up. After breaking the ice, they went on to a park in soho to take some photos of their outfits. Fitpics are a key element to how the community thrives, as fashion heroes share a photo of what they’re wearing and how they wore it in the group. Usually you have to ask your mate to take your fitpic, and they don’t get what they’re looking to show off in the outfit, or how you want it to look. This is why doing it together with members of Fashion Fuckery is so good, they all know how to make it look good, and what will blow up on Instagram.

Photography by Iolo Lewis Edwards