Covi Style – Fashion over Fear!

They are Creative. They are Outstanding. They are Fashion Itself…


In those dark times we live in now,  many of us have let the quarantine take control over our lifestyles and mentality.  However, Grozdan, Valentin and Zlatena – three Sofia neighbours – refused to surrender to the daily dullness and thus created   COVISTYLE. A unique place where there is a new styling theme everyday that provokes hundreds of people to throw away their pyjamas and get creative!

Almost two weeks after their first challenge (trench coat), they have reached hundreds of people all around the country via Instagram and have become one of the most viewed pages in Bulgaria on social media! In honour of that, we at Steeze reached out to the iconic trio to get an exclusive interview with each of the members. The questions we asked were simple, yet giving the creatives the possibility to express their most sincere thoughts on their successful projects.

What we asked:

1. What does COVISTYLE mean to you?

2. Are there days where you feel uninspired or cannot think of the next challenge?

3. Are you planning to continue with COVISTYLEafter the quarantine is over?

4. Which challenge was your favourite?


1. COVISTYLEto me is a place when we can all have fun and enjoy ourselves during those hard times in the world right now.

2. When it comes to inspiration, new ideas are coming to our minds effortlessly so far. It helps a lot that there are three of us and we can brainstorm our creative concepts every day. However, there will come a time when we will probably run out… not of ideas, but of clothes!

3. COVISTYLEwas born during quarantine time and that is where we will leave it when all of this is over. It was a social experiment which turned out pretty well and we are glad that so many people are loving it and are eager to see our next styles. Very soon we will go back to our normal lifestyles but COVIwill remain a fond memory of ours.

4.I absolutely cannot pick just one favourite challenge. They are all my babies!


1. COVISTYLEis the perfect way to forget for a moment what is happening all around us and to just relax while being creative together.

2. There are some days where I feel a little bit uninspired and out of fresh ideas, but that is what Grozdan and Zlatena are for – to motivate me to move forward even in tough moments.

3. The whole idea of COVISTYLEis to make people’s days more eventful while they are staying home. Therefore I do not think that we will continue with COVI after the quarantine is over.

4. Punk Rock is my favourite style challenge for sure, just because everything about it turned out great – the outfits, the photos, the feedback.


1. COVISTYLE is first and foremost an enjoyable experience, no competitiveness involved. The most important thing in my opinion was to give ourselves the possibility to be creative, while inspiring others to follow our example.

2. Some days I have so many ideas to chose from and of course there are other days when I am a total blank slate and nothing comes to my mind. I think many artists will agree with me when I say that creativity does not always knock on our doors, right?

3. We have not thought about continuing COVISTYLE after the quarantine yet. However, I think that we are a pretty good team and who knows – maybe we will create a brand new project in the future together!

4. I am a big fan of electronic music myself, I have been listening to it for about 12-13 years and it is the closest to my style, so I would have to say that my favourite styling challenge was Berlin/Techno. On the other hand, the people loved most our Balkan challenge!

Their idea is to come up with different styling themes for every day, have a little photoshoot in their apartment building’s staircase and then post the photos on Instagram. 

None of us knew back then that nearly everyone in our town and many from all parts of the country were going to replicate our stylings and have so much fun!

CoviStyle started with the trench coat theme, and have made different challenges, such as: Men in Black, Stripes, Safari and Denim. Their fan base continues to grow and dare we say, they have managed to make us forget for a moment about the difficult situation we are amidst of right now.

Apart from the interview, Steeze and COVISTYLE wanted to give credit to some of the best and most creative fans’ outfits. After all, they are the reason why the trio created their page in the first place. Stronger together!

Why is COVISTYLE so special? It creates a fun and thought provoking distraction for everyone who feels uninspired or is going through a hard time during this quarantine. Positivity and hope for the better tomorrow are what COVISTYLE represents. In other words, it is fear and depression’s worst enemy.!

Be sure to check out their page on Instagram @covistyle and join the stylish community! We at Steeze are keeping up daily with their new dress codes and we are absolutely loving it!

 Use the #covistyle  to get featured on their stories today!


Photos: SteezeMag, Covistyle 


Alya Patterson, SteezeMag