Do Androids dream of electric sheep?
The collection is a different approach to mankind, and the identity of a woman in the future. Are we aware of the society we live in? What are the consequences of our everyday decisions?
We are born to a world with identity crisis and supposed gender, but we think we live with a choice. Yet we are slaves to a society we create. Are we human?
The pieces have a Costume Design approach, with a confusing defining line. My personal problem several years back, is the future of the genders. Are we man and women, or are we equal. The collection is recycled, upcycled, animal friendly and adjusted to the market. It is the contrast of the present demands, it stands for slow Fashion. Yet bold as a personal expression, and a point of view of a dreamer in a constant pursuit of perfection.
HLVK Photography Goran Popovski
Ksenija, the Android
VD Make Up and Social Hair Salon
Location, -Dom Na ARM- The Military Home of Skopje
Drama Studio
Skopje, September 2017