Backstage with Diane Pernet

We are backstage with Diane Pernet of the making  ‘Balkan Fashon Week’  movie
Directed by Jason Last
Location Nu Boyana

Parisian-based fashion inspiration, blogger and critic Diane Pernet, is the founder of A shaded View on Fashion Film – a festival, which has debuted in Paris 2008 and each year has been running parallel with important fashion events around the globe. What brings everything together in this format is the use of fashion, beauty and/or style as the principal subject, theme or cinematic aesthetic. 

The festival is a study in the drama, power and personification that fashion evokes and commands on screen. We had the exclusive opportunity to meet her while she was filming a teaser together with Jason Last, for the upcoming ASVOFF. This year the festival will take place in the Balkans.

No wonder why the location will be Nu Boyana Film Studios, exactly where we met her shooting on the central Manhattan set Diane Pernet shared with us that the energy of the people is what fascinates her most, because that makes any city.

Living 26 years in Paris and so far she shared with us that Ce nest pas mal (thats not bad from French) is the biggest compliment that you can get there.

“I am from New York in there the mentality is more similar to the Balkans, because if you want to do something – you try it, if it doesn’t work – you do something else. In Paris is different, you will have to go trough so many stages, they will never think like just try it – if it doesn’t work out its not the end, but they don’t get it. Most people nowadays are multidisciplinary, you do everything maybe you try designing and then you decide to be writing and then you decide to act and maybe you decide to have a platform.”

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Photography – Grozdan © Steeze Mag.
Text – Tsvetomira Borisova

Special thanks to Balkan Fashion Week